Wonders are buildings which give a considerable bonus to a civilization, each one in a different way. They usually cost large amounts of resources and time to build, and when one is built it increases the hostility of other nations towards that player. The game can be won by building wonders, once a Wonder is built a timer will appear. This can be altered before the game.

In Empire Earth I Edit

In Empire Earth there are six wonders which can be built. The resources needed to build each one increases in each epoch. The six wonders are:

The Tower of Babylon, which allows priests to convert multiple enemies.

The Coliseum, which raises the owners population capacity by 20%, lowering the enemy's by the same amount.

The Pharos Lighthouse, which lights up all areas of water within 50 tiles.

The Temple of Zeus, which causes troops to heal automatically.

The Ishtar Gates, which increases the durability of walls.

The Library of Alexandria, which shows all enemy buildings that have been completed.

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