Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy
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Western troops fight from a position of strength.  In one-on-one combat with similar enemies in the same Era, Western units nearly always win. They’re tougher and do more damage than units from other regions, and even their buildings are tougher. This strength comes at a cost. They must fight with quality, for they can’t afford to produce quantity. Western Empires also have more technological options, and will often specialize in an existing unit rather than produce an entirely new unit. In the Future, the West relies heavily on robotic and autonomous weapons.

World DominationEdit

In this mode Western have three advanced than 2 remaining civlzations:

  • Shock & Awe - A lost of bomber will carpet boming to invade province that will destroy may be almost of defensive base & building in that province, make it produce & gain resource only half of normal rate.
    Shock and Awe
  • Sanctions - It will make all resource gathering (world and battle level) in one target province is suspended for all players for a few turns. Trade routes run but produce no income.
  • Foment Revolt- With some funds you could make a uprising in province near you province turn it into unowned province. It will cost more after time you use it.
    Foment Revolt


Because western civilzation have more advanced in techonology so that make them have strong armie than 2 remaining civilzations but more advanced in tech make them disadvanced in economy. They good in all epoch especially after Ancient.

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