Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy

Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs Edit

Combat ActionEdit

  • Recuperate - Modern units in the West can heal themselves while standing still and not fighting.

Empire Techs (World Domination only)Edit

  • Shock and Awe – Activate this on a province before invading. A large number of bombers make a run over the province,  heavily damaging the enemy before your troops arrive.
    Shock and Awe
  • Sanctions – Shuts down all resource gathering and trade in the province, on both a global and local level. No one (including the Western player levying Sanctions) can gather any kind of resources from the province for a number of turns.
  •  Foment Revolt – Causes a civil revolt in an enemy province neighboring your empire. This causes that player to lose control of the province.
    Foment Revolt

Buildings, Units, and Unit AbilitiesEdit

City Center – In addition to controlling territories, produces the vitally important Builder line. City Centers provide a slow trickle of wealth and raw materials. Additionally, hiring “Scholars” at the City Center is the only way to gain the Tech point resource.Edit

  • Builder (Ancient) – The mainstay of the Western emand the only unit capable of constructing buildings for the Western region (along with the upgraded versions of the Builder).
  1. Build - Can construct new buildings. o Repair - Western Builders are the only mobile unit capable of repairing a building. Buildings can slowheal themselves (if told to do so), but Builders get the job done more quickly.
  2. Monuments - Western artificers create impressive testaments to their empire’s greatness. Putting these monuments in the territory of a Native Tribe will positively sway that tribe’s opinion of you, eventually convincing that tribe to join your empireyou otherwise treat them nicely.
  3. Research Faster Construction (Ancient) - All builderconstruct buildings and structures faster
  • Guildsman (Medieval) – A tougher version of the Builder.
  1. Land Grab – Representing government interests, a Guildsman can outright purchase buildings from rival players. The cost to buy buildings this way goes directly into the enemy’s coffers.
  • Contractor(Colonial) – The builder of the Colonial times of expansion.
  1. Fix Vehicle – With a greater understanding of mechanical engineering, Contractors (and later Engineers) can repair your vehicles. They make a great support team for your cannons, and later on, tanks, artillery, and HERCs.
  • Engineer(Modern) – The ultimate builder unit.

Barracks– Produces infantry units.Edit

  • Javelin (Ancient) – Moderate powered short-ranged infantry.
  1. Spear Thong – Spears go farther and strike harder with this enhancement device.
  2. Research Better Fire Rate – Reduces delay between attacks.
  • Short Sword (Ancient) - Slow melee unit, ideal for taking out enemy anti-cavarly.
  1. Torch – Allows swordsmen to throw torchesonto buildings, setting them on fire.
  2. Research Pierce-Resistance Armor – Trains swordsmen to block and dodge arrows or other ranged weapons, reducing  damage received.
  • Pikeman (Ancient) – Strong, anti-cavalry unit wielding a spear.
  • Short Bow (Ancient) – Quick, ranged unit.
  • Long Sword (Medival)– The strongest swordsman. 
  • Longbow (Medieval) – A quick archer with greater range than the Short Bow.
  1. Armor Piercing Arrow – Increased damage dealt to cavalry units. 
  • Berserker (Medieval Hero) – This melee hero does great damage himself, but his real power is inspiringrage in those around him. For a brief while, units automatically attack the nearest enemy, inflicting and receiving double damage the entire time. Note: You lose control of the affected units while they go berserk!
  • Musketeer(Colonial) – Basic gunman of the Colonial era.
  • Congreve Rockets (Colonial) – These early handheld explosive units are excellent for taking down buildings.
  1. Flash-bang – Stuns most units in an area of effect. This will affect your units if they are to close.
  • Rifleman (Modern) – Modern ranged unit
  1. Tear Gas – Allows your Riflemen to shut down a building for a few seconds by filling the building with irritating gas.
  1. Jet Pack – Allows Robo-Soldiers to fly short distances over land or water.
  2. Tear Gas – Targets a building. The canister teargas explodes in a cloud, preventing the building from performing any activity for awhile (Stops production and gathering).

Stables  Produces Calvary units.Edit

  • Javelin Cavalry (Ancient) – Speedy ranged cavalry units, excellent for raiding enemy economies.
  • Horseman Raider (Ancient) – Heavy melee cavalry excelling at taking down infantry.
  • Barbarian (Medival) – A quicker version of the Javelin Cavalry.
  • Knight (Medieval) – A strong, tough cavalry unit.
  1. Decreased Population Count – Reduces the needed supplies that Knights consume
  • Hussar (Colonial) – Fast, fearful cavalry. 
  1. Dread – Each time a Hussar slays an enemy, the nearest enemy unit in sight Panics for a few seconds, stopping whatever it is doing to flee from the Hussar.
  • Dragoon (Colonial) - Heavy mounted unit carrying a carbine.

Factories – The evolution of stables, producing various tanks and other vehicles of destruction.Edit

  • Mark IV Tank (Modern) – A heavy hitting vehicle of destruction. A mainstay of modern Western militaries.
  • Flame Tank (Modern) – Lighter tank excellent at burning away infantry.
  1. Research Improved Light Armor – Upgrades the armor on Flame Tanks to better protect against heavy weapons like other tanks
  • Titan Tank (Future) – The most powerful tank on the battlefield.
  1. Reactive Armor – Specifically made to counter enemy tanks, this armor halves the amount of damage taken from other tanks.
  • ARV (Future) – Light, armed robotic vehicle that cooks enemy units.
  1. Microwave Gun – This initially weak attack increases over time, dramatically powering up damage done as long as the attack is focused on a single area.
  • Halftrack HERC (Future Hero) – A mighty and versatile machine.
  1. Quantum Singularity Gun – Creates a blackhole at a location, which will eventually suck in all units in an area. Mobile units automatically attempt to flee.

Workshop – Produces siege units for destroying buildings and field guns for peppering large areas. Edit

  • Onager (Ancient) – Single-arm catapult designed to take down buildings.
  • Siege Tower (Ancient) – Large, well-armored infantry transport that deposits attackers over enemy walls.
  • Lithobolos (Ancient) – Medium-sized stone-thrower. Excellent against infantry and support units.
  • Chiero-ballista (Medieval) – Upgraded anti-infantry field weapon, now with arrows.
  • Counterweight Trebuchet (Medieval) – A more advanced tosser of rocks. Excels against buildings.
  • Bronze Cannon (Colonial) – Early gunpowder field gun.
  1. Grapeshot – Fires a shorter, stronger volley into a cone-shaped area.
  • 88mm Gun (Modern) – A powerful, long range field gun. Good anti-tank weapon.
  1. Anti-Air – Allows the 88 to target air units in addition to ground units.

Howizer (Modern) – Long range building destroyer.

  1. Mustard Gas – Large-scale area effect that slows down and damages all units caught inside, including yours!

Atoimc Annie (Modern Hero) – Medium vehicle withconventional and special attacks.

  1. Flash-bang – Stuns units in a small area of effect.
  2. Tactical Nuke – Long range, nasty explosive missile weapon. Buildings surviving the blast are set on fire. The targeted area becomes irradiated for a short time, damaging any mobile units entering the area.

Dock - A shipyard that produces military and trade ships, and fishing vessels. Nearly all military ships can carry ground troops.Edit

  • Fishing Boats – Allow you to claim fishing resources, providing raw materials for your empire.
  • Trade Ships – Travels to other docks to exchange goods, generating wealth. Purchase by hiring a worker slot.
  1. Increased Speed – Picks up some wind to further the flow of funds. 
  • Pentekonter (Ancient) – Small, quick ship, good for defeating other ships.
  • Siege Ship (Ancient) – Large, slow ship with a long range attack good against immobile targets.
  • Longship (Medieval) – Viking-style longship, faster than the Pentekonter.
  • Steam Frigate (Colonial) – Coal powered ship, excellent against other less maneuverable ships.
  1. Depth Charges – Steam ships can be equipped with Depth Charges to hunt down submarines.
  • Ship of the Line (Colonial) – Queen of the seas, a large sailing ship with a strong attack.
  1. Full Broadside – Fires all cannons at the same time in one large attack.
  • Dreadnaught (Modern) – Large steel battleship witt modern weaponry, excellent against buildings.
  1. Train Gunmen – Dreadnaughts can train infantry onboard, providing great flexibility for their strikes on land.
  • Attack Sub (Modern) – Submarines are, of course, excellent against other ships. They are also stealthy, unabl to be seen except by detector units.
  • Hydrofoil (Modern) – This western Destroyer is quick, and capable of detecting and attacking submarines.
  • Aircraft Carrier (Modern) – These act as mobile Airfields, capable of sending the same missions as a normal Air base.
  1. SONAR – Carriers can be equipped to spot submarines, making them less vulnerable to that terror from the deep. 
  • Strategic Sub (Future) – A faster but conventional submarine that can only be spotted by detectors.
  1. SLCM – Strategic Submarines can be equipped with surface-to-surface missiles, giving them the ability to attack land as well as sea targets.
  • Battlesub (Future) – This sub carries a single powerful large gun, and is also a stealthy transport ship.

Air Base – Launches air-strikes and reconnaissance missions. Western Airbases, with their superior planes and technology, clearly rule the skies.Edit

  • Biplane (Modern) – Basic plane capable of performing either fighter or bomber missions, but not especially good at either task.
  1. Increased Damage (Modern) – An excellent upgrade that increased the damage done by Biplanes, Jets, or UAVs.
  • UAV (Future) – An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle VTOL, the ultimate fighter plane.
  • Behemoth Bomber (Modern) – Large bomber with prop engines. 
  1. Increase Area of Effect – Enlarges the splash damage caused by this plane when doing bombing missions.
  • Viper Bomber (Modern) – The most powerful bomber plane.
  1. Increased Damage – Increases raw damage dealt when dropping bombs.
  • VTOL Transport (Future) – Large helicopter capable of transporting ground units a long distance, over sea or land.
  • Anti-Tank Helicopter (Modern) – Attack chopper capalbe of acting independently, and free from terrain restrictions.
  • Lightning Sphere (Future) – A mobile lightning storm. When activated, the Lightning Sphere radiates electrical damage at the nearest other unit. Beware: If this lightning doesn’t find enemies to strike, it will overlord the Sphere itself, damaging it. When deactivated, the Lightning Sphere slowly repairs itself.
  • Mission Types
  1. Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon mission.
  1. Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission.
  1. Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a bombingmission escorted by attack aircraft.

Fortresses – Powerful building capable of repelling strong attacks. Garrison units inside to strengthen the attack.Edit

  1. Resistance to Rocks - Reduces damage dealt to Fortresses and Walls caused by rock ammo.
  2. Rsearch Range Boost – Extends the zone of con lict trol that in which Fortresses can inflict damage.
  3. Increased Hit Points – Makes the Western Fortress one of the most difficult buildings to take down.

Anti-Air EmplacementsEdit

  • Anti-Air Gun – Anti-air building that protects an area from enemy air missions, helicopters, flying HERCs, etc.
  • SAM Emplacement – Surface-to-Air-Missile, the best anti-air defense the West can get. 

Tower - Defensive structure that can attack enemies.Edit

  1. Detect – can gain the ability to detect stealthy units.

Wall - Defensive structure that creates a barrier to ground units. Units can occupy the top of the wall (via constructed access points) and attack.Edit

Market - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.Edit

  • Trade Carts – Transfers goods from Markets to City Centers or Docks. Extra carts can be purchased at the Market by hiring worker slots. Longer routes are more valuable.
  • Foreign Trade – allows you to trade with other players (except enemies).

Warehouse - Accumulates raw materials from resource sites. Additional workers can be purchased to increase the rate of resource gathering. Edit


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