Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy
Western Region is a civilization from Empire Earth III 

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Description Edit

Western troops fight from a position of strength.  In one-on-one combat with similar enemies in the same Era, Western units nearly always win. They’re tougher and do more damage than units from other regions, and even their buildings are tougher. This strength comes at a cost. They must fight with quality, for they can’t afford to produce quantity. Western Empires also have more technological options, and will often specialize in an existing unit rather than produce an entirely new unit. In the Future, the West relies heavily on robotic and autonomous weapons.

Building Construction Edit

The Western philosophy feels that you need the right person for the right job. Constructing buildings is best done by professionals, so you’ll need to hire dedicated Builders at your City Center to erect your structures. 

Territory Control Edit

Controlling a territory requires building a City Center there to establish a base of power. Except for the City Center, Western buildings can only be placed in already-owned territories. Western defenses include walls, towers, fortresses, and anti-aircraft emplacements to guard the homeland.

Population Edit

Supporting the forces requires a stable home. Western empires build Houses to provide population space for their military.

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