Bureaucrat Leader
  • I live in Space
  • My occupation is Wiki Contributor
  • I am Female

With EE Edit

I started playing EE when I was seven years old. I couldn't understand as much of it then as I do now, but I loved it. Much of my friends thought the game was too complicated to be bothered with, but my brothers and I didn't care. We spent hours and hours trying to get through the main campaigns, and each victory felt like we won World War II. Three years later, our PC broke down, and it was another three before we could get another PC. By then our EE CD had become damaged, and so we gave up on it. Then in July of 2019, my brother saw the game on Ebay. Through all manner of luck and effort, we had it on our computers (no need to share a CD) along with the Art of Conquest Expansion.

I haven't played EE II yet, but I intend to get the game soon. I'm still not sure about EE III, due to a lot of bad feedback.

With the Wiki Edit

I found this wiki in November, 2019. I was suprised to see it, as well as disappointed that there not much activity and a lot of red links. I decided to help out a lot, including creating consistent page structures and portable infoboxes. But there limitations as to how much I could do, and through the suggestion of another user I decided to adopt the wiki.

I contribute all over the place. I like creating and improving pages. I like to go through one campaign at a time, adding the scenarios, units and characters featuring in the campaign. I'm not too comfortable with editing pages about things I don't know about, which is why I don't edit too much on articles concerning the other EE games. It would be really nice to have more consistent contributors around here, and I look forward to working with them.

Some Facts about Me Edit

  • My favorite Bible person is Joshua.
  • I like taking walks on rainy, windy days.
  • My favorite flavor of ice-cream is mint choc-chip.
  • I would love to one day play all the main games in the Halo series.
  • When I first played Empire Earth, I found the first scenario of the Greek campaign a lot harder than the first scenario of the Russian campaign.

Bureaucrat Stuff Edit

  • Give the Main Page a makeover
  • Create the wiki's Policies and Guidelines. (In progress)
  • Add default CSS for all portable infoboxes
  • Create the "New Article" formats for all articles

Templates Edit

Create/migrate/alter infoboxes and other templates for:

  • Scenarios
  • Characters
  • Epochs
  • Campaigns
  • Buildings
  • Technologyies
  • Civilizations
  • Units
  • Games

Create Pages Edit

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