aka Kiatster

  • I live in Somewhere over the rainbow
  • I was born on August 22
  • My occupation is Nothing But Lazyness And Gaming
  • I am A Male

Hi random visitorEdit

Welcome to my profile... Gonna be more stuff here as I go along. My favorite Empire Earth game would be Empire Earth 2, it looked nicer and HAD descriptions of units than Empire Earth. Well, i am a gamer and played a lot of popular titles like Assassin's Creed and Minecraft etc.

Click here for my profile page in the TAWOG wiki. (Its much better than this one :P)

My current time and chat timingsEdit

Its 05:26 (Please add 8 hrs to that time) here and the date is 29 March 2020, Sunday. I will be on chat usually around 7 AM to 11-12 AM during weekdays. During weekend, I will be on chat around 9-10 AM to 11-12 AM. Sometimes I will not be in chat during the above mentioned timing cos I doing some errands, if its urgent, just leave a message at my wall :) 

NOTE: Do not beg me for positions, I will give it to you if I find you worthy enough. Begging me for positions would only make your chances lower. You can request for positions though at my message wall...

How I Found Out About Empire EarthEdit

Well, I found the game in a drawer in my house. I thought it looked interesting and gave it a shot. It was the best RTS game I ever played at that time except for Age of Empires. Thus, I continued to play Empire Earth 2 and 3.

My fav stuffsEdit

Video/Internet Games:

  1. Minecraft (Always fun with friends and mods like BTW, IC2...)
  2. Assassin's Creed Series (I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Master Assassin)
  3. Dead Space Series (Never played the first one but enjoyed the rest :D )
  4. Roblox ( Check my acc, njk230, my place went to first page twice NO JOKE)
  5. Supreme Commander 2 (Best RTS game i ever played)
  6. Command And Conquer Red Alert Series (Best 2nd RTS game i ever played)
  7. Empire Earth series (Best 3rd RTS game i ever played)

TV/Movie Shows:

  1. TAWOG (Best CN Show EVAR)
  2. James Bond Movies (Shaked, Not Stired)
  3. Adventure Time (Kinda Neutral To It, Watch It Sometimes...)

Things I dislike/hateEdit

  1. The Computer I Am Using (I Wish For A Alienware Computer...)
  2. Trolls and Spammers (Get A Life And Stop Trolling/Spamming...)
  3. School (Feels Like I'm In Prison :C )
  4. Waiting For New Games... (COME ON RELEASE SIMCITY 5 ALREADY)
  5. To Be Continued, Ran Out Of Ideas...


Look here for my friends in TAWOG...

  1. P51mustang (A great friend and the first person I knew in this wiki, also my first Admin too)
  2. ZoneCaptain (A awesome editor, added tons of useful info onto this wiki, esp for Empire Earth III)
  3. Accepting Any Friend Request :)



If you edit my profile, you will be here and be banned by me MUHAHAHAHAHA!

My goalsEdit

  1. Earn 10 Badges
  2. Earn 20 Badges
  3. Earn 30 Badges
  4. Edit 500 Pages/Times
  5. Edit 1000 Pages/Times
  6. Add 10 Pictures
  7. Add 50 Pictures
  8. Maintain this Wiki
  9. Revive the community here

My Gallery Of My Fav PicsEdit

No pics yet :P


Can you resume editing here please.--Starfox u (talk) 15:59, March 14, 2015 (UTC)

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