A Unit or Units is part of the game the player can move and control. They perform every task from creating buildings to combat with enemy units. Various different types of unit are created and upgraded through out the game.

Unit is also the term for part of a collection of resources.

Combat Strategy - LandEdit

Starting in the Stone age, a weapons triangle of sorts begins for land units. In the earlier epochs (Copper to Middle) the triangle is simple: Shock units beat Archer units, Archer units beat Pierce units, and Pierce units beat Shock units.

Between the Renaissance and Industrial ages however, complications are added. During this time, the unit relationships are as follows: Gun Cavalry beats Sword Cavalry, Sword Cavalry beats both Gun Infantry and Field Cannons, Field Cannons beat Gun Infantry, Gun Infantry beats both Pierce Infantry and Gun Cavalry, and Pierce Infantry beats both types of Cavalry.

During the Atomic ages (WWI to Modern), the unit relationships change yet again and are as follows: Infantry beats Anti-Tank, Anti-Tank beats Tank, Tank beats both Artillery and Infantry, and Infantry beats Anti-Tank and Infantry. This is however, slightly over simpleified, as certain types of Infantry are better than other against other Infantry, buildings, and Anti-Tank guns.

During the last ages (Digital to Nano (or Space if using the Art of Conquest)), the unit relationships are at their most complex, and are as follows: Pandora cybers beat Infantry, Infantry beats Zeus cybers, Minotaur cybers and Anti-Tank guns, Anti-Tank guns beat Tanks and most cybers, Zeus beat all other cybers, Tanks beat Zeus cybers, Pandora cybers, and Infantry, Minotaur cybers beat tanks, and Hyperion and Ares cybers beat Pandora and Minotaur cybers.

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