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American flag.

The United States of America was one of the original civilizations that appeared in Empire Earth and Empire Earth II.

Game description Edit

The United States won independence from Britain in 1782, but by the First World War the two nations were on friendly terms. The US sent materials to Britain and the Allies before finally committing to join the war in 1917. The Allies were victorious in 1918 and the United States emerged as a world power.

At the start of the Second World War, the US again began sending huge amounts of materials overseas, but the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 brought America’s armed forces into the conflict. Fighting a war on two fronts was a huge undertaking, so the US decided to concentrate on victory in Europe first. After the D-Day invasion in June 1944, the Allies on the western front steadily pushed all the way to Berlin. The war in Europe ended in May 1945.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, US forces managed to make headway against the formidable Japanese forces. At the Battle of Midway in June 1942, American planes sank four irreplaceable Japanese carriers. After retreating to Australia, General MacArthur hopped from island to island, finally retaking the Philippines by 1945. The Pacific war concluded with the Americans’ use of a terrifying new weapon: the atomic bomb.

The power struggle between the US and the Soviets after WWII dominated the foreign policies of both countries – and virtually every nation on the globe – for the next four decades. Dubbed the Cold War, it was a time marked by mistrust and political sparring. An arms race raged as both nations stockpiled hundreds of nuclear weapons while simultaneously striving to develop superior conventional armaments. The US built many bombers, fighters, and helicopters hoping to control the skies in a possible war. Warships, too, were modernized and produced in large numbers. The cost of preparing for a hypothetical war took a high economic toll on both countries, but the United States’ stronger economy ultimately prevailed.

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