Travis Shackelford/Churchil/Yuri
Unit Information
Trained at: Town Center / Capitol
Attack type: Armor Piercing
HP: 5235
Armor: None
Speed: 14
Range: 8
Cost: 530 Food, 450 Iron
Pop count: Special
Build time: 160 seconds
Upgrades from: Manfred von Richthofen (530 Food, 450 Iron, 160 seconds)
Upgrades to: Dennis St. Albans (530 Food, 450 Iron, 160 seconds)

Travis Shackelford (Churchil in the German Campaign and Yuri in the Russian Campaign) was a Warrior Hero who was available in WWII. He appears in the German Campaign where he was the commanding officer of British forces in London, and in the Russian Campaign as a Russian officer. His appearance was heavily based on General George S. Patton. Also, his sound files starts with "dpatton". This could suggest that Shackelford was originally going to be named after the General himself.


  • In the Russian Campaign scenario, "The Crocodile," a Russian guard in the beginning of the scenario, who asks to "Check the Potato Truck for a Dangerous Criminal (Grigor Stoyanovich)," is the exact same clone as Travis Shackelford except dubbed with a Russian Accent, and a different name, which is Yuri.
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