Towers are defensive buildings, who automatically attack ground units, naval units and submarines within in their range. Towers are available throughout all Epochs of Empire Earth. They change appearance and Attack Type as epochs advance. Unlike other buildings, however, they have to be upgraded manually, by researching an upgrade in a Town Center or Capitol.

Prehistoric towers are little more than basic contraptions, from which rocks are thrown. They later change to brick towers, from which arrows are shot. Gun attacks are used From the Imperial Age on to Digital Age. And from then on towers employ the use of long range lasers.

Tactical UseEdit

Towers provide a basic defense for choke points or critical areas, like resource patches. They can also be scattered throughout the players base, to make it harder for enemy units to move around in it during a siege or raid.

They become even more important in naval maps, like random maps of the type Large Islands.

Towers as a defensive weaponEdit

Even though towers have a high attack and a relatively high number of hitpoints, they can quite effectively be taken down by siege equipment of the same epoch. A prehistoric tower can easily be taken down by three Samsons, especially, if the enemy provides coverage with a Strategist Hero.

There are several ways to improve the usability of towers as a defensive weapon. The most effective way is building an Ishtar Gate wonder, which significantly boost the hitpoints. That way later epoch towers have 13.000 and more hitpoints, making them very hard to take down. Towers can also be improved by Civilization bonuses.


Tower attack range can only be upgraded by two range units. One comes from a Civilization bonus, the other from an upgrade available, similar to unit upgrades. But even with maximum upgraded range, towers can still be outranged by battle ships and siege equipment (Trebutchets for instance).

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