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The Conquistadors scenario is the second part of the Tutorial Campaign which introduces the player to advanced construction projects,command and control techniques, and combat in Empire Earth II.

Scenario 2: Conquistadors - 1519 ADEdit

Welcome to the second Empire Earth II tutorial. This tutorial will introduce you to advanced construction projects, command and control techniques, and combat. Your civilization progressed rapidly since we left it. You now control several territories and have learned numerous technologies. Your Capitol Tenochtitlan has developed into a thriving city. The Aztecs are clearly the most powerful nation in the region, but soon a new power will arrive and threaten their dominance. Historically, the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and all of Mexico. Let's see if you can take this opportunity to change history.

As Tenochtitlan grew, specialized craftsmen and labourers came to the city and helped build its magnificent buildings. The tribe of vagabonds that had wandered into the valley were fast becoming more techologivally and economically powerful than their neighbors. This was aided by an extremely well trained and disciplined military. The Aztecs formed alliances with some of their neighbors, but also embarked on ambitious campaigns of conquest.

By the 15th century, the Aztecs empire had grown to encompass no less than 38 tributary states. When the Spanish conquistador Cortez arrived on the borders of the Aztec Empire in 1519, the Aztecs were clearly the richest and most dominant power in the region. However, many fiercely independent tribes still remained who hated and feared the Aztecs. Cortez planned to use them in his attempt to conquer Mexico for Spain.


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This scenario is pretty straightforward too. You will be ordered to build some structures and be introduced to the multiple unit types in Empire Earth II. There are enemies in this scenario but they are easily defeated and the game gives you the perfect units for countering the enemy. Once you built all the structures and killed the enemy, the scenario will be completed.

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