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The Basic scenario is the first part of the Learning Campaign which introduces the player to the basic mechanics of Empire Earth.

Tutorial 1: The BasicsEdit

Learn about the skills of your Citizens, including basic movement, construction and gathering natural resources.

The Early Phoenicians: 3000-2000BC

(Citizens/Resource Gathering)

Late in the third millennium BC, the Canaarites from the area near Galilee traveled to the Mediterranean coast looking for new land. There began a settlement which would become the great Phoenician trading city of Tyre.

In this scenario, you play the Phoenicians who are about to found their new civilization. When the game begins, you will have control over 3 Citizens - the first Citizens of the Phoenician civilization. You must lead these early Phoenicians west to the sea, and learn the basic skills of survival. These skills include basic movement, constructing a Capitol, and gathering natural resources, which your civilization will need to grow. The fate of the Phoenicians is in your hands.


  • Move your Citizens west and build a Capitol on the flagged hill.
  • Gather enough Food to create three additional Citizens, for a total of six.


This scenario is very easy, just follow the game instructions. You just got to collect enough food for 3 more Citizens and the scenario will be completed.

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