In Empire Earth and Art of Conquest, there is a unit called Tank. These units differs to several classifications :

AP(Armor Piercing) tank excel against other tanks. Slow,durable,armored and expensive. Cost food and iron. Exclusively German produced tanks. Produced only during Atomic WW1, WW2, and Modern age.

HE(High Explosive) tank excel against infantry. Fast,moderate durability,weaker than AP version,and cheaper. Cost food and iron. Standard tanks in many armies. Produced from Atomic WW1 until Nano and Space age.

Advanced mining unit are more mobile version than HE tanks with greater speed and range, weaker armor,HP, and attack. Cost gold instead of food and still cost iron. Appeared in Asian Campaign.

Dune patrol is the cheapest tank unit with the most mobile version with weaker HP,attack, and armor than other ground tanks, lightning movement speed and ability to pass cliff and mountainous area. Only appeared in Asian Campaign. Cost gold and iron.

Anti air tank are primarily counters all of air units. These units cost food and iron.

Hover tank is another tank. They only available in scenario editor unit. Cost the same as HE tank. Can move underwater like Hyperion though can't pass

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