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Stables become available in the Copper Age and last until the Industrial Age. Stables produce mounted units (except for mounted archers). Starting at the Atomic Age, all existing Stables remain but their graphic is unchanged and they are unable to train anymore units.

Stable units divided into these categories:

Shock Cavalry such as Horsemen line excel against Shock infantry, Archer and mounted version line, and Field Cannon but get destroyed by pierce unit line such as both the Speaman and Javelin units line.

Pierce cavalry such as Bronze Cavalry, Persian Cavalry and War Elephant can tackle both shock Cavalry and infantry but easily decimated by Archer and Cavalry Archer line.

Ranged Cavalry:

Cavalry Archer line beat all pierce units but are beaten by Shock units.

Gun Cavalry line beat Shock Cavalry but are beaten by both gun and pierce infantry .

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  • In The Red Baron scenario, despite the actual epoch being Atomic Age - World War I, it is still possible to produces cavalry units (but it is still not possible to build additional Stables).
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