Spectre AT Helicopter
Spectre AT Helicopter
Unit Information
Epoch: Digital to Space
Trained at: Airport
Type: Helicopter
Attack type: Anti-Tank
HP: 1100
Attack: 100
Armor: Gun - 15

Laser - 15

Speed: 22
Range: 5
LOS: Unknown
Cost: 200 Gold, 200 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 80 Seconds
Upgrades from: Helicopter Anti-Tank
Upgrades to: N/A

The Spectre AT Helicopter is available from The Digital Age to the Space age. It is trained at the Airport and it is very effective against tanks, as expected by a Dedicated Anti-tank unit (AT). visually, it is a Ducted-Fan VTOL, a design that has been experimented with historically, but not developed further due to technological issues. whilst it is an anti-TANK unit, it CAN attack other ground units, AND Helicopters, at noticeably reduced effectiveness


  1. Fighters
  2. Anti-Aircraft


  • Highly effective against tanks
  • Siege Factory Units
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