Unit Information
Epoch: Stone Age only
Trained at: Archery Range
Type: Infantry
Attack type: Arrow
HP: 70
Attack: 9
Armor: 2 (Pierce)
Speed: 11
Range: 3
Cost: 30 Wood, 30 Gold
Pop count: 1
Build time: 38 seconds
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: Simple Bowman

The Slinger is the first unit that can be trained from the Archery Range. Slingers throw rocks much like a Rock Thrower but use a sling, which means they deal a much higher damage. Like most Archery units no food is needed to train them.

Unit strategyEdit

It seems to be good against Spearman as they have good Pierce armor. However, it is best to epoch up to the Copper Age and get the Simple Bowman which are much better at countering Spearmans.

Upgrade to Simple BowmanEdit

Its is best to upgrade Slinger to Simple Bowman as soon as you reach the Copper Age. It costs 25 Wood and 25 Gold to upgrade and it takes 50 seconds to upgrade from Slinger to Simple Bowman.