The M4 Sherman was an American WWII tank that appears in Empire Earth and Empire Earth II.

Empire Earth I Edit

In Empire Earth I, the Sherman tank, known as "Sherman Tank (HE)", is a HE tank, meaning that it is best used against infantry. This is historically accurate - as Sherman tanks were intended as an infantry support tank - meaning that it was to be used against enemy infantry. In the process the Sherman ends up used against Axis tanks. Indeed, the Shermans were no match against German tanks. Sherman tanks can be built in WWII as an upgrade to the Mark V. Like other HE tanks, it is cheaper than AP tanks. In the German Campaign, they are used as British Matilda tanks as well as WWII Allied tanks, for all civilizations except Poland.

Empire Earth II Edit

A Sherman appears in the cover box of Empire Earth II and in one of the wallpapers.

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