This is a tutorial for the Empire Earth Scenario Editor. In case you didn't know, Empire Earth comes with a tutorial if you go into Computer, and then open the disk files. There is a word document there that tells you how to use the Scenario Editor and how to create cinematics and triggers. This page is not telling you how to use cinematics ad triggers.

Getting a Starting Map

  • Blank Maps:

You start with a plain blank map covered in just the grass terrain. You can change the size to whatever you want. Currently it is set to 50x50 tiles, and the max tiles you can go are 400x400 (400x400 is way bigger than the size "gigantic map) and lowest you can go is 15x15 (15x15 tiles is much smaller than a sized "tiny" map). You can also set it to a different terrain. There are lot of terrains there. If you chose some type of tree for your map terrain, then the whole map would be covered in that tree.

  • Random Maps:

If you want a starting map that isn't just plain terrain and is generated by the computer, then click on the "random" button below the "blank" button. That way you will get a random map and it will be a complete map. It has recouces there, trees, lakes/water (if you want the map to contain water) and there are mountains/cliffs. Two starting capitols with citizens are auto generated. One is red, the other is blue. If you want more players, it is explained in the "Players" section somewhere below.

  • Seed Maps:

Seed maps are really simple to make. Every map has a seed number, so you type the seed number for the map you want in the slot below. The default is set to 0.

Creating Rivers/Lakes

Anything than is under the "0" terrain is considered underwater. To create rivers, go into the mountain icon below. Then make sure that the elevation is under 0. Select a  brush size. Then you can paint rivers, however you will notice that they look different to the default water (if there is some). If you select the "paint hills" button and you set the elevation to -1 and you create water with it, land units can walk on it and buildings can be built on it. Ships are also able to be in -1 water.


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