Roman campaign is first of three campaigns in Empire Earth expansion pack Art of Conquest.It's focused on Roman republic where you can play 6 different scenarios.

Scenarios are:

1.Soldiers for Rome

2.Restoring the Republic

3. A Conqueror learns his trade

4.The Gallic Wars

5.Crossing the Rubicon

6.Rome's Pharaoh

First two features Gaius Marius,who in the first mission fight with tribes Cimbri, Ambrones and Teutons which want to ravage through Rome;and in second he fights Sulla with help of Carthaginians and kill his senators in the end.Rest feature Julius Caesar,who destroys Sulla's Eastern legions,then in Gaul defeats Celts,Hill Tribes,Ambrones,Belgae,Suebi,Helvetii,crosses Rubicon and deals with Gnaeus Pompey,Italia,Greeks,Pirates,Egypt.In final mission where you have to force Cleopatra or Ptolomey to surrender Pompey.

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