The Rifleman is the basic infantry for Empire Earth II in the Modern Age (11) to the Atomic Age (12). It is trained at the barracks and it is very handy because it only costs one population count like many other barracks units. It carries a rifle that is semi-automatic (fires one bullet at a time) and is capable of doing anything a citizen can do (except gather resources of course). They train pretty fast but are usually no match for any machine. Five of them spawn from Paratrooper Planes at a time. They can shoot at Helicopters but usually will not succeed on shooting them down. The Rifleman is just good at attacking humans - other soldiers and citizens.

Weaknesses Edit

The Rifleman is no match for any plane, outpost, or any machine or building that can attack. They are also vulnearable to helicopters.

Strengths Edit

The Rifleman is good for putting in raid parties, whereas they are good at attacking other human units. They can capture buildings.

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