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"Death to Grigor Stoyanovich, traitor to Mother Russia!"

The Rebel Forces refers to Russians who were disappointed of Novaya Russia's establishment. They are one of the original civilizations available for Empire Earth.

Game description Edit

The establishment of Novaya Russia was not welcomed by all Russians. A resistance movement known simply as the Rebels kept constant pressure on Grigor Stoyanovich and his new State. The Rebels’ method of striking hard and then relocating their base of operation allowed them to keep up an effective insurgency for many decades. An underground network of international arms traders kept them supplied with modern weapons.

Successes against the giant State prompted factions sympathetic to the Rebels to appear outside the country, especially in Europe, Southeast Asia and, later, the Americas. What had been just a resistance movement in Novaya Russia developed into a global Rebel network dedicated to the abolition of all forms of totalitarianism and the creation of a Free Earth based entirely on humanitarian principles. Rebel cadres set up secret bases and production facilities around the world. So widespread did these separate yet united cabals become that, by the turn of the 22nd Century, the Free Earth movement was effectively unconquerable – there was no practical way to defeat them all. The movement that began as a rebellion may yet be the force that propels humankind to abandon its divisive tribal mentality and embrace a united Earth.

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