Raw Material is a 1 of 3 new kind of resources avaliable in Empire Earth 3. It's a endless resources. It contains all kind of resources in 2 first game Empire Earth & Empire Earth 2. It need for all units & building. It auto increase over the time with your City Center or Ministry. Build Warehouse next to it will auto give you 3 Miner& Minerwill auto gather it untill they have been kill or Warehouse have been destroyed.

Maps can differ in the number and types of raw material sites they have. A map’s climate may also play a factor as to what types of sites are most likely to be there. The types of raw material sites are:

  • Mines (Ore)
  • Forests (Wood)
  • Quarries (Stone)
  • Fish schools (Fish)

Once collected, all Raw Materials are interchangeable and go into the same stockpile. Raw Materials are used primarily to purchase units and buildings.

A player must build a Warehouse adjacent to a Raw Material site in order to begin collecting the resource. Warehouses have three workers to start, but additional workers can be purchased by filling the slots in the Warehouse. Each additional worker costs more than the one previously purchased for that building.  

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