Unit Information
Trained at: Temple
Type: Support
Attack type: Conversion
HP: 100
Armor: N/A
Speed: 9
Range: 4
Cost: 100 Food, 100 Gold
Pop count: 1
Build time: 45 seconds
Priests are special units in Empire Earth.


Priests do not have an attack value. Their ability is to convert enemy units and with later upgrades enemy buildings and even enemy priests. A successfully converted enemy unit will put under the player's control, even if the population limit has already been reached.

Best useEdit

Priests are a convenient way to acquire "free units" as there are no resource costs. The use of priests becomes even more important if the enemy possesses units which the player cannot build (for instance horsemen in the Greek Campaign scenario "Warriors from the Sea"). Priests allow the acquisition of such units, even if the player has not yet reached the epoch which is necessary to train them.


Defending against priests is relatively easy from the Copper Age onwards. As long as a unit is in range of a University, it cannot be converted by a priest.

Prehistoric Age and Stone Age do not offer specific defense mechanisms against priests, but early priests have relatively low hitpoints and can easily be taken down.

Another effective defense against priests is to have the Conversion Resistance civilization bonus, which makes it harder foe enemy priests to convert player units.

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