P-51 Fighter
P-51 Fighter
Unit Information
Epoch: 11 only
Trained at: Airport
Type: Plane
Attack type: Machine Guns
HP: 550
Attack: 26
Speed: 21
Range: 6
Cost: 100 Gold, 100 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 40 seconds
Upgrades from: Spitfire Fighter
Upgrades to: F-15 Fighter

The P-51 Fighter is a fighter plane found in Epoch II in the original Empire Earth. It cannot attack ground targets because it is only a fighter and not a fighter bomber. In real life, the P-51 was dominating the skies until the Messerschmitt 262 (ME262) came along. They are trained at Airports, and they cost 100 Gold and 100 Iron like many other planes.


Anti-aircraft, since they cannot shoot it.


The P-51 is one of the best atomic fighters in Empire Earth. It is good at taking out bombers and other vulnerable aircraft.

Ironically, the P-51 in Empire Earth is better suited to killing fighters than the Me 262 is.

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