If you have an Empire Earth mod you'd like to share with us, then go ahead (may not contain viruses or things that cause Empire Earth to crash). Post it in a blog, and, if you have modded figures to show us put them in a blog as well. Mod tutorials are welcome. If you want Empire Earth mods, go here: http://ee.heavengames.com/downloads/lister.php?category=mods. DO NOT create pages of your modded figures as visitors will mistake them for being in the real game.

To make mods, you will need certain tools from EE-modders from Github. They have created Empire Earth Studio II , which combines the functionality of their SSA-tool and SST-tool . It is still WiP, but in a useable state.

Note: The formerly used mod program EE Studio is now considered outdated as it produces broken and invalid files.

We are currently in the process of making some mod tutorials for the unexperienced. For those of you who do know how to mod, please consider sharing your knowledge with us. Have fun, and remember to post them into blogs.

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