Mining Units
Unit Information
Epoch: Space Age
Trained at: Tank Factory
Type: Tank
HP: 800
Attack: 80
Armor: 40 (cannon)
50 (laser)
Speed: 20
Range: 8
Cost: 100 Gold 100 Iron
Pop count: 1
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: N/A

The Mining Unit is a unit exclusive to Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest and is available in the Map Editor mode (if enabled from the Tech Tree list) and the Asian Campaign, it is a brown spatial jeep. The Mining Unit is effective against infantry but is less powerful than regular HE tanks such as the Centurion Tank. It also exist a big sized version named "Advanced Mining Unit", but has same statistics than the regular. If during the Map Editor, Mining Unit and Advanced Mining Unit are both enabled, the Tank Factory will produces the Advanced Mining Unit.

During the Asian Campaign, a unique Advanced Mining Unit is available in the Scenario 5 and has to be bring to the Huo Xing Cheng base in order to produces Mining Unit even before the Space Age. If the Advanced Mining Unit is destroyed before, it is not possible to produces Mining Unit during this scenario.

Anyway, both Mining Unit and Advanced Mining Unit has no color of the team, requires to puts the cursor on this unit for know which team is it. This unit have greater range and speed,but weaker hit points,armor,and attack make other cyber can beat them easily. Also can be beat by paladin cannon.

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