Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy
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Middle-Eastern Campains

The Middle-Eastern specializes in cavalry units and excels at the element of surprise as well as hit and run tactics. They are a mobile faction which can pick up and move most of their buildings to relocate or set up a forward base. As the Masters of Mobility, this faction primarily relies on, and is excellent at, ambush, harassment, and raiding. The Middle East cannot build walls or towers, but their fortresses are strong and also provide room for their population. In the Future, the Middle East fields a number of clever modifications to traditional (and not-so-traditional) weapons. 

World Domination ModeEdit

  • Sneak Attack – Select an army to prepare for a Sneak Attack. The army is allowed to move two provinces instead of one, “jumping over” the middle province.
    Sneak Attack
  • Black Market – Set up black market world trade routes with enemies. All resources received from the route are stolen from the enemy’s stockpile.
    Black Market
  • No-Spy Zone – a Spy power that allows you to designate one province as a No-Spy Zone (at the expense of the spy). No foreign spies are allowed to enter the province.
    No-Spy Zone
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