Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy

Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs Edit

Combat Action

  • Ambush – Select units and order them to set up an Ambush at a location. The units set up in the selected area and become stealthy, then spring out on unsuspecting enemies getting a one-time attack bonus.

Empire Techs (World Domination only)Edit

  • Sneak Attack – Select an army to prepare for a Sneak Attack. The army is allowed to move two provinces instead of one, “jumping over” the middle province.
    Sneak Attack
  • Black Market – Set up black market world trade routes with enemies. All resources received from the route are stolen from the enemy’s stockpile.
    Black Market
  • No-Spy Zone – a Spy power that allows you to designate one province as a No-Spy Zone (at the expense of the spy). No foreign spies are allowed to enter the province.
    No-Spy Zone

Buildings, Units, and Unit AbilitiesEdit

City Centre – All Middle East buildings are produced here as well as Scout and Espionage units. You may also purchase "Scholar” slots to gather the Tech Point resource.Edit

  • Scout (Ancient) – A quick-moving scouting unit with good line of sight but no attack, and is a detector able to spot stealthy units. Can act as a permanent emissary in an AI player's city center to improve relations.
  1. Emissary – able to permanently garrison a foreign City Center (AI or Tribe) to boost relations with that AI or tribe.
  2. Infiltrate – Allows the scout to sneak through walls.
  • Prophet (Ancient Hero) – Wiseman with no conventional attack but who can call down a Plague of Frogs to panic enemy units in a large area. Is also a detector of stealthy units.
  1. Plague of Frogs - Does a small amount of damage, and has a chance of converting the affected units.
  • Assassins (Medival) – A support infantry unit tougher thanits predecessor, the Scout. It has an attack and has all the Scout’s abilities, but can also learn to sabotage.
  1. Sabotage – Sets an explosive on a target building, which eventually explodes and does damage as well as temporarily halting production in the affected building.
  • Operative (Modern) - Support infantry that is tougher and more powerful than its predecessor, the Assassins. It has the same abilities as the Assassins, plus he can learn to detonate a Dirty Bomb.
  1. Dirty Bomb – Sets a bomb which explodes doing high damage and irradiating the area for a period of time. Units in the irradiated zone take damage over time.

Hospital – A mobile field hospital that heals units in an area of effect around the building. Upgrades into a better hospital.Edit

Barracks – Produces infantry units.Edit

  • Axeman (Ancient) - Basic melee infantry with medium attack and a bonus vs. siege weapons.
  • Slingers (Ancient) - Basic ranged infantry who throws rocks with a leather sling. They have medium hit points and damage.
  • Sappers (Ancient) – A support infantry specialized in destroying structures from a distance with the tunnel-digging sap ability.
  1. Sap – Destroy structures by digging a tunnel from a distance and undermining the structure.
  • Armored Axeman (Medieval) - These are your professional melee infantry. They are tougher than the regular Axeman.
  • Staff Slingers (Medieval) - Ranged infantry, more powerful than the Slinger. They are strong against anti-cavalry untis.
  • Naffatin (Medieval) - Support infantry upgrade of the Sapper with a short-range Nafta Bomb attack that affects an area. Can learn the detonate ability to self-destruct, dealing large amounts of damage to all units in the area.
  1. Nafta Bomb – Explosive weapon hurled at the enemy which explodes doing damage over an area.
  1. Sap - Destroy structures by digging a tunnel distance and undermining the structure.
  1. Detonate – Naffatin can self-destruct causing area oeffect damage at the cost of your unit's destruction
  • Trench Gunner (Colonial) - Ranged infantry with a large-caliber weapon.
  • Mujaeddin (Modern) – Sturdy, ranged support infantry with a decent attack that’s good against tanks. He also can gain the ability to Detonate. 
  1. Land Mine – An explosive device that the unit plants  in the ground. They explode when an enemy comes too close, damaging all units in the area.
  • Revolutionary Guard (Modern) - Cheap and competent ranged infantry. This unit has camouflage, which grants theunit invisibility to non-detectors while standing still.
  • Guerrilla Leader (Modern Hero) – A strong hero unit armed with a gun and leadership skills.
  1. Dig Tunnel – The hero digs a tunnel which, when complete, can covertly transport infantry underground from one tunnel entrance to another.
  2. Rally (passive) – Infantry around the hero cannot be panicked or stunned, do more damage, and take less damage.
  • Rocket Soldier (Future) – powerful soldier armed with a rocket launcher, especially good for punching through tank armor.
  1. ​Camo – the unit becomes totally camouflaged when standing still and not attacking.

Stables – produces cavalry units, becomes a Factory in the Mdern Era.Edit

  • Usabari (Ancient) - Spear-carrying, camel-mounted cavalry. Strong vs. other cavalry.
  1. Camel Stench – Area of effect ability that panics nearby enemy cavalry.
  • Parthian Horse Archer (Ancient) – A speedy, ranged cavalry unit. By constantly moving and firing, this unit can harass enemy troops effectively.
  1. Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can shoot in any directions while moving.
  • Scythe Chariot (Ancient) – Heavy melee cavalry that chews up infantry. 
  1. Trample (Passive) – In addition to its normal attack, this unit will trample enemy units for damage by riding close to them.
  1. Terrorize – Induce panic in a target unit, causing it to flee.
  • War Cart (Ancient) - Slow moving but tough, old-school chariot with two archers. A bit like an ancient tank.
  • Cataphract (Medieval) - Armored heavy melee cavalry.
  1. Trample (Passive) – In addition to its normal attack,this unit will trample enemy units for damage by riding close to them. 
  1. Terrorize – Induce panic in a target unit.
  • Mameluke Archer (Colonial) - Ranged cavalry, that is more advanced than the Parthian Horse Archer.
  1. Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for destroying units and buildings.
  • Bedouin Camel Rider (Colonial) - Medium ranged cavalry, especially effective as a harassment unit.
  1. Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can shoot in any direction while moving.
  2. Camel Stench – Area of effect ability that panics nearby enemy cavalry.
  3. Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for destroying units and buildings.

Factor (Modern) - Produces armed vehicles for ground assaults.Edit

  • Motor Machine Gun (Modern) - Light tank consisting of a motorcycle with a sidecar machine gun.
  • Technical (Modern) - Super-mobile, modified pickup truck with a mounted machine gun and the ability to transport infantry.
  1. Technical RPG - target tank or artillery unit takes damage and becomes stunned. Stunned units cannot move or attack.
  • Mobile Mortar (Modern) – Two guys on a speedy motor scooter with a personal mortar tube.
  • Phase Tank (Future Hero) – A heavily-modified military vehicle that hovers above the ground. It is armed with machine guns and a special EMP weapon.
  1. Cloak (Passive) – The Phase Tank renders itself and all nearby friendly units invisible, even to detector units. Cloaked units become briefly visible when attacking.
  1. EMP Burst –Mechanical vehicles in a large radius around the tank take damage and are temporarily stunned, unable to move or attack.

Concealed Factory (Modern)- A special factory that is stealthy; it cannot be seen except by units that are detectors.Edit

Workshop – produces siege weapons, field guns, and mobile anti-air units.Edit

  • Ram (Ancient) – Slow but powerful siege weapon with a melee attack against buildings.
  1. Reduced Damge from Arrows – decreases the damage done by arrows.
  • Juggernaut (Medieval) – An even more powerful ram.
  • Mangonel (Medieval) - Basic mobile field gun. It is strong against infantry and support units.
  1. ​Great Nafta Bomb – An early explosive projectile that does high damage over an area.
  • Bombard Cannon (Colonial) - Heavy siege weapon with a powerful, long range attack but low fire rate.
  • Sahi Cannon (Colonial) - Advanced field gun with a larger area of damage than the Mangonel.
  • ​Scud Missile (Modern) - Highly mobile, long-ranged siege weapon which fires missiles. Fragile and somewhat inaccurate, but stealthy, so it can only be spotted by detector units or when it is moving.
  • SA-4 (Modern) - Semi-mobile anti-aircraft gun. It takes time to set up for attack after movement.
  • Mobile Assault Vehicle (Future) - Highly mobile, long-ranged launcher that can function as both siege and field weapon. It has stealth so it cannot be spotted except by detector units or when it is moving.
  1. Radiation Attack – The Mobile Assault Vehicle’s missiles will briefly irradiate the target, causing damage to units in the area
  • ZU 23 MM (Future) – Mobile anti-aircraft support artilleryIt can detect stealthy units with advanced radar.

Dock - A shipyard that produces naval units and can be a destination for trade vehicles. Most ships can transport units.Edit

  • Reed Ship (Ancient) - Early ship with both offense and transport capabilities.
  • Fire Ships - Non-transport ships laden with hay & dry  grass. They can burn itself to deal damage to nearby naval units. Upgradeable in the Colonial Era.
  1. Burn - The Fire ship sets itself on fire to deal damage nearby naval units.
  2. Explode (Colonial) - The Fire ship explodes to deal burst damage to nearby naval units.
  • Fishing Ships – Small vessels that fish to gather raw materials.
  • Trade Raft/ Trade Dhow - Small ships which travel aquatic trade routes. Purchase by buying a worker slot.
  • Trade Oil Tanker (Modern) - Large tanker ship which travels aquatic trade routes.
  1. Detonate – Oil Tankers can self-destruct to damage over a wide area.
  • Liburna (Medieval) - Small and fast ship, designed for harassing other naval vessels.
  • Galley (Medieval) – Large oared ship with a mangonel mounted on deck.
  1. Great Nafta Bomb – An early explosive projectile that does high damage over an area.
  • Dhow (Colonial) - Light ship modified for combat.
  1. Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for destroying units and buildings.
  • Galleas (Colonial) - Large warship with both oars and sails.
  • Patrol Boat (Modern) - Small, fast ship with decent damage. It is stealthy and can only be spotted by detector units.
  • Destroyer (Modern) - Versatile ship often used to escort larger ships or control important sea routes. It is capable of fighting against both air and sea units. It can detect stealthy units.
  • Explosive Powerboat (Modern) - Non-transport ship packed with explosives. It can sacrifice itself to explode ontarget naval unit to deal high damage. It is stealthy, so it cannot be spotted except by detector units.
  1. Explode - The Explosive Dingy explodes to deal burst damage to nearby naval units.
  • Hovercraft (Future) - Floating fortress with long-range weapons and that can travel over both land and water. It is also a detector of stealthy units.
  • Arsenal Ship (Future) – Big barge armed with powerful bombrdment weapons. It is visible when attacking, but otherwise has extreme stealth and so cannot be spotted even by detector units.

Airbase – Launches air-strikes and reconnaissance missions.Edit

  • F4-Djin'''(Modern) – Basic fighter-bomber.
  • Rotor Transport (Modern) – Large helicopter capable of transporting infantry units over long distance.
  • Sa’eqeh – Fast and expensive fighter-bomber with a stealth capability.
  • Mission Types
  1. Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon mission.
  2. Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission.
  3. Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission escorted by attack aircraft.

Mssile Base – A small missile silo which launches missile strikes at great range.Edit

  • Shahab-4 – A long-range, single-warhead missile with good range.
  • Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicle – A powerful missile with multiple warheads that damage a wide area.

Fortress - Defensive structure that can garrison units and fire on enemies. Attack strength increases with more garrisoned units. Middle East Fortresses also increase pop cap.Edit

  1. Boiling Oil (Medieval) – Area of effect ability that does damage to all units around the fortress.

Bazaar - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.Edit

  • Trade Vehicles – Automated trade vehicles that generate wealth. Additional trade vehicles can be purchased to increase revenue by hiring worker slots. Longer routes are more valuable.

Warehouse - Accumulates raw material resources from resource sites. Additional workers can be purchased to increase the rate of resource gathering.Edit

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