MiG-15 Fighter
MiG-15 Fighter
Unit Information
Epoch: Any with airport
Trained at: Airport
Attack type: Guns
HP: 500
Attack: 26
Speed: 21
Range: 6
Cost: 100 Gold, 100 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 40 seconds
Upgrades from: None
Upgrades to: None

The MiG-15 fighter is an aircraft unit unavailable in the Random Map mode. This fighter was developed and produced at the Soviet Union after the WWII. It was used during the Korean War, and it fought against P-51s, F-80s, and F-86s. It is a pretty capable fighter with 21 speed and 26 attack. It has the normal 6 range, and it cannot shoot at ground targets. It has average fuel efficiency, with 130 seconds of flight before it returns to the selected airport. For some strange reason it is available after the WWII Atomic Age.


The MiG-15, like all fighters, is vulnerable to anti-aircraft guns and it cannot even shoot them. A lot of other fighters are better, though the MiG-15 makes it in at about one of the top 5 fighters in the atomic age.


It doesn't really have any strengths. It can beat some other fighters, but not really.

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