ME-262 Fighter/Bomber
ME262 Fighter Bomber
Unit Information
Epoch: 11 only
Trained at: Airport
Type: Plane
Attack type: Guns
HP: 500
Attack: 26
Speed: 21
Range: 6
Cost: 100 Gold, 100 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 40 seconds
Upgrades from: ME 109 Fighter/Bomber
Upgrades to: F-117 Fighter/Bomber

The Messerschmitt 262 is a historically unique plane because it was the first jet fighter. It is a fighter/bomber, meaning it can shoot ground targets as well as air targets. It is a German plane, however it comes with any civilization, custom or not. It is a good fighter and takes of/lands on airports. Its best available challenge is probably the P-51 Fighter, although the ME-262 is probably better because it has more fuel and hit points.


The ME 262 has no weaknesses really - its only challenge is the P-51 Fighter and the Corsair Fighter/Bomber. It cannot shoot down anti-aircraft very well though, that being a problem.


The ME 262 is good at attacking bombers and also good at attacking things on the ground (but not buildings).

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