Leopard Tank (AP)
Leapard Tank (AP)
Unit Information
Epoch: Atomic - Modern
Trained at: Tank Factory
Type: Tank
Attack type: Armor Piercing
HP: 600
Attack: 110
Armor: Cannon: 60
Speed: 12
Range: 6
Cost: 130 Food, 130 Iron
Pop count: 2
Build time: 75 seconds
Upgrades from: Panzer Tank (AP)
Upgrades to: N/A

The Krauss-Maffrei Leopard 2 tank is an upgrade over the Panzer of World War 2. It is effective against atomic tanks, Mining Units, and Dune Patrols but not very effective against laser tanks and is vulnerable to Bazookas, AT Guns, AT Helicopters, AT Aircrafts and Minotaurs. This unit resist very well to Howitzer Cannons, Doughboyss, Marines, Machine Guns, Flame Throwers and Gunship Helicopters as he only got 1 damage point. Since the Digital Age, the Leopard Tank (AP) can't be produced more.

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