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Japan (Jepang) is a civilization in Art of Conquest which features in the Asian Campaign. It was founded in 1300 by the establishment of Shugon and modernized in 19th century and was defeated in 20th century. In 2020, many Indonesians migrated to Japan and lives there, all of them mainly in Tokyo. In 2025, an terriost attack happened in Tokyo causing Japan to declare war on terriosim.

Official Description Edit

Like many nations, Japan was ruled by a powerful family during much of its early history. The Yamato family emerged in the third century to seize control of Japan and would rule for the next millennium. Towards the end of the Yamato family’s rule, the country was splintered, overrun with military men who fought for control of various regions of Japan. The country would be reunified in the 16th century, and the government severely limited contact with the western world.

Japan would enjoy hundreds of years of peace and relative solitude until economic trouble led to increased contact with the western world. Japan quickly became both an industrial and military power. After its defeat in World War II, Japan soon reestablished itself as an economic force.

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