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Unit Information
Epoch: Digital Age
Trained at: Cyber Factory
Type: Cyber
HP: 2200
Attack: 105
Armor: 35 (cannon)
46 (laser)
Speed: 16
Range: 6
Cost: 230 Food 230 Gold
Pop count: 2
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: Hyperion II

The Hyperion is a unit available in Empire Earth. They are available in the Digital Age and can be build in the Cyber Factory.

The unit is depicted as an orange robot in a humanoid form along with a cannon on a shoulder that shoot lasers. They are able to move on cliffs and, along with Poseidon, to move underwater. They are superior to Infantry, Tank, Pandora,and Minotaur.

They are easily cut down by AT units, Zeus, Ares, warships and submarines.

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