A Hero is a special unit that can be bought at a Capitol. Aside from Campaigns, the player can have only one living hero at the game. If this hero dies, the player can buy another one. There are two types of Hero: Strategist and Warrior. The two available Heroes change in every epoch.


The Strategist Heroes have the ability to heal other units, and they heal faster than the Medics. They also have a high HP and attack, and can use the Battle Cry - which decreases an enemy unit's morale, making them more vulnerable. This hero is good in Copper to Bronze Age

Warrior Edit

The Warrior Heroes have higher HP and attack than the Strategists, however they cannot heal other units. Instead, Warriors provide morale bonus to units, thus they will receive less damage from enemies.

Trivia Edit

Strategist Heroes were not supposed to attack. This is proven by the fact that they remain idle while getting attacked.

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