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The Hegemony scenario is the fourth and last part of the Tutorial Campaign which introduces the player to special resources, nuclear device, regional powers, airplanes and the crowns system in Empire Earth II.

Scenario 4:Hegemony - 1941 ADEdit

Welcome to this final tutorial. You'll now learn about special resources, nuclear device, regional powers, airplanes and the crowns system.

The close bond between the United States and the Aztec Empire served to keep any European or Asian powers from expending further into the Western Hemisphere. Some would argue that what really was accomplished was the division of the Western Hemisphere between these two great powers. The Incan Empire certainly argued this. As their once great nation sank in importance to a third-rate power, they went through no less than a dozen regime changes during the 19th century.

Their influence in South America vanished and the Aztec influence grew. Several border provinces defected to the Aztec Empire and the weakened Incans could do nothing. During the 1930s, however, as the Great Depression swept the world, the Incans seized upon fascism to revitalize their once great country and take back what they claim had been stolen from them. Aided by other fascist nations around the world, the Incans cast a baleful look upon their neighbors to the north and plotted their demise.


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  • Go to the Citizen Manager
  • Build an Oil Derrick
  • Research Epoch 13
  • Ally with the USA
  • Bookmark your Outpost
  • Send a complete war plan
  • Launch bombers over Inca
  • Build a Silo
  • Launch an ICBM towards Inca
  • Earn the Military Crown
  • Build a Military Leader
  • Bring your Leader to your men
  • Claim the Incan territory


This scenario is pretty straightforward at the start but it's gets tough in the end. Just follow whatever the game says until it tells you to destroy the Incans and claim their land. Do note before the game tells you to claim the Incan's land, the Incan's units are invincible, do not try and attack them. Once the game tell you to claim the Incan's territory, the Incan will have a big tank army, thus use the Jet Engine Bomber to destroy their AA guns and towers. Do note that you NEED to train a lot of those bombers and you can find Uranium at the USA territory and build a mine there to build the bombers. Use the bombers to destroy the AA guns and the Incan's city center(you could nuke it too). After that, just destroy the first 3 towers and quickly send 5-6 Citizens to build your City Center(BE SURE to have tanks and planes protecting them). Once you have your city center, the scenario will be completed.

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