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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was one of the original civilizations that appeared in Empire Earth and Empire Earth II. They are the main enemy of the German Campaign, as the player battles them in the majority of the campaign's levels.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

Union Jack, the United Kingdom's flag.

Game description Edit

Great Britain, known officially as the United Kingdom, entered the 20th Century as a major world power. Industrialization and several wars during the 19th Century had resulted a strong military – including the world’s most powerful navy – and a bustling British economy. As with most nations, Britain assumed the First World War would be over in short order, but the fighting raged for four long years.

Europe began to move towards war again in the 1930s. Diplomatic efforts for peace on Great Britain’s part ultimately failed, and the British found themselves facing Germany alone following the surrender of France in 1940. The German Luftwaffe subsequently launched an all out air war against the island nation, hoping to bomb the British into submission. Known as the Battle of Britain, the beset Royal Air Force managed to shoot down German planes faster than they could be replaced, finally ending the aerial threat in early 1941. Three years later, an Allied invasion force gathered in Great Britain, crossing the channel in June to land in Normandy. By May 1945, Berlin had been taken and the war in Europe was over.

Decades later, in 1982, Great Britain fought the Falkland Islands War. An Argentine invasion force had captured the islands, claiming ownership of them. The British responded by sending a task force to retake the islands. Combat took place largely at sea and in the air, with guided missiles taking their toll on ships and aircraft. The British forces defeated the Argentineans after about two months of fighting.

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