German Campaign Background

The German Campaign is an Empire Earth campaign based on Germany, and is not the same as the German Campaign of Empire Earth II.


The German Campaign is the third campaign of Empire Earth. It is based on Germany. It has 7 scenarios, the first 4 taking place during WWI and the last 3 taking place during the early years of WWII. It is the second hardest campaign in the game.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "The independent German states united in the late 19th Century to form the most powerful single nation in Europe. During the first half of the following century, Germany's unparalleled armed forces were barely kept in check by the combined might of opposing alliances. Lead the forces of Germany through some of the most destructive yet historically significant years in world history."

Characters Edit

Scenarios Edit

  1. Cavalry of the Sky - Your mission is to escort Manfred von Richthofen and Count Holck back to safety west to a German encampment.
  2. Supply and Demand - Escort German transports back to safety and combat the British naval and aerial blockade.
  3. The Red Baron- Lead the German forces at the Battle of Verdun and achieve victory.
  4. The Somme - Launch an assault and break through Allied lines.
  5. Lightning Warfare - Make your preparations and conquer Poland, Scandinavia, and France before 1941
  6. Preparations for Invasion -Make preparations for invasion of Britain 1940 
  7. Operation: "Sea Lion" -Exact victory over Britain in 1941 
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