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The Food Gathering and Economy scenario is the third part of the Learning Campaign which introduces the player to hunting, fishing, farming and mining in Empire Earth.

Tutorial 3: Food Gathering and EconomyEdit

Discover additional ways to gather Food. You will also mine for Gold.

The Colony of Gades: 1100-1000 BC


The Phoenicians have exhausted the precious metals around New Tyre, so colonists have been sent out to secure new sources of ore.

You are in charge of one of the new-found colonies, called Gades, on the remote Atlantic coast of Iberia. Your goal is to turn the small outpost into a major mining operation. To do so, you will have to learn how to hunt,fish, and farm to feed your people.

Once you have stockpiled enough Gold, commercial vessels from Tyre will arrive to take it back home.


  • Lead the Phoenician colony of Gades to prosperity.
  • Find and kill at least one ostrich.
  • Raise your poplution to 20 Citizens.
  • Locate offshore fish by searching the coastline near the flags.
  • Build a Dock.
  • Build at least one Fishing Raft
  • Build a Granary and plant at least one Farm.
  • Locate Gold deposits in the mountains northeast of your Town Center.
  • Build your Gold stockpile up to 250.


This scenario is pretty easy as there are no enemies in this scenario. You start by gathering food from the ostriches near your town center. After that, the game asks you to build a dock in one of the 3 spots. After building a dock, just get a fishing raft to increase your food supply. You will also build a Granary to gather more food. After that the game shows you a gold mine and tells you to mine 250 gold and have a total of 20 Citizens. Once you have 250 gold and 20 Citizens, the scenario is completed.

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