Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy

Unique Combat Action and Empire TechsEdit

Combat ActionEdit

  • Dig In – Infantry create field fortifications and take position behind them, giving them a strong defensive bonus. It takes time to set up and take down the barriers and units who are dug in cannot be moved.

Empire Techs (World Domination only)Edit

  • People’s Army– Allows you to field larger armies than the other regions.
    People’s Army
  • Hire Mercenary Army – Invade a province with an extra, allied army fighting at your side.
    Hire Mercenary Army
  • Border Growth – Every few turns, your empire expands automatically by taking over an adjacent, unowned province if one is available. Each province taken costs resources.
    Border Growth

Buildings, Units, and Unit AbilitiesEdit

Ministry - the center of your government, used for controlling territories. You may also purchase “Scholar” slots to gather the Tech Point resource.Edit

  • Peasant (Ancient) - Cheap melee infantry with a surplus spear that does light damage.
  • Shaman (Ancient) – wise religious unit who can detect stealthy units and has several special abilities.
  1. Discipline (Passive) – the unit cannot be stunned or panicked by any means.
  2. Enlighten – convert other units to your side.
  3. Influence – influence a unit or building of an AI or native tribe to improve Relations and make them friendlier.
  4. Second Sight – briefly lift the fog of war in a targeted area.
  • Monk (Medieval) – upgrade of Shaman with some additional abilities.
  1. Self Immolate - sets himself on fire. The monk dies but some of the units in the area may be converted.
  2. Instant Karma - Target a rival's unit. When the unit attacks a target, karma reflects the attack back on the unit, so the unit takes the damage and the target does not.
  1. Restore Health – all friendly units in the area are healed.
  2. Reanimate – the Healer can reanimate the dead, which crawl up from the ground to do their master’s bidding. There’s a cool down time between uses.

Barracks - produces infantry units (most infantry can construct buildings).Edit

  • Halberdier (Ancient) - Armored melee unit that excels vs. cavalry.
  • Swordsman (Ancient) - Inexpensive melee unit with light armor.
  • Recurved Bow (Ancient) - Cheap ranged unit with good LOS.
  1. Fire Arrows (Passive) - sets appropriate targets on fire (damage over time).
  • Martial Swordsmen (Medieval) – A well-trained swordsman with medium armor.
  • Fire Lance (Medieval) - An armored spearman with a primitive gunpowder attack.
  1. Fire Blast – Short range, area effect gunpowder attack that deals good damage.
  • Crossbowman (Medieval) - Ranged infantry with a crossbow that does more damage but has shorter range than the Recurved bow.
  • Zen Master (Medieval Hero) - A tough, disciplined, and heroic warrior.
  1. Detects Stealthy Units (passive)
  2. Inspiration (passive) - surrounding friendly units can't be panicked, stunned or converted.
  3. Flying Tiger – massive martial arts attack that deals big damage to surrounding cavalry and infantry.
  • Bees Nest Launcher (Colonial) - Ranged infantry unit that attacks with rocket-propelled arrows.
  1. Pyrrhus (Passive) – explodes on death, damaging enemies around him.
  • Gatling Gun (Colonial) - Ranged infantry with rapid rate of fire. The weapon has a short setup/take-down time.
  • Arquebusier (Colonial) - Cheap gun infantry with light armor and medium range.
  • Machine Cannon (Modern) - Ranged infantry with a more powerful attack than the Gatling Gun.
  • Rifle Infantry (Modern) - Basic modern gun infantry.
  1. Lunge Anti-Tank Mine – suicide attack with a mine on a pole, good against armored vehicles.
  • Mortar Infantry (Modern) - Infantry that fires explosive mortar shells, good range but slow rate of fire.
  • Super Soldier (Future) - Fast and agile genetically-engineered humanoid mutant armed with two guns.
  1. Roid Rage – The mutant pumps itself full of stimulants, becoming faster and immune to death for a short period of time.
  • Hulking Mutant (Future/Hero) - Massive, genetically-engineered creature with an extremely powerful melee attack.
  1. Daze - The Hulking Mutant slams its fists on the ground, stunning all units in a large radius.

Stable - produces cavalry units, becomes a Factory in the Modern Era.Edit

  • Chariot Archer (Ancient) - Ranged cavalry, does light damage.
  • Mongol Cavalry Archer (Medieval) – Fast light cavalry with a good range and rate of fire.
  1. Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can move and shoot at the same time.
  • Samurai Cavalry (Medieval) - Heavy melee cavalry that attacks with a sword.
  1. Fragmentation Grenade – a thrown explosive that’s good against infantry.

Factory (Modern) - Produces tanks for hard hitting ground assaults.Edit

  • Tankette (Modern) - Small tank that fires a small-caliber shell at a quick rate.
  • Amphibious APC - Armored Personnel Carrier tank. Can transport infantry over land or, more slowly, over water.
  • Mantis Tank (Modern) - Tank with good armor and range.
  • Gastropod Tank (Future) – Genetically-engineered tank crawler.
  1. Acid Globule – The tank fires a projectile of potent acid.
  • Kabutogani (Future) – Genetically-engineered Armored Personnel Carrier tank. Able to transport infantry and can and shoot critter bombs.
  1. Critter Bomb – The Genetic APC spits out a mobile bomb, which attacks the target.

Workshop - produces siege weapons and field guns.Edit

  • Cloud Ladder (Ancient) - Enclosed wheeledtransport vehicle that extends a ladder for scaling walls.
  1. Siege Arrow – Crew will shoot large siege arrows against enemy buildings.
  • Double Crossbow (Ancient) – A field gun that fires huge arrow projectiles. Strong against infantry.
  1. Dragon Bolts – Adds more projectiles to the attack for damage over a larger area.
  • Traction Trebuchet (Medieval) – a human-powered siege trebuchet with fair range but a relatively good rate of fire.
  1. 10.000 Enemy Bomb – A noxious gas bomb that slows and damages infantry enmass.
  • Mortar (Colonial) - Gunpowder artillery withbetter range than the Traction Trebuchet.
  1. Bomblets – inherently fires a mass of small bombs, which explode over an area. Good vs. infantry.
  • Field Cannon (Colonial) - Basic direct fire field gun with good range.
  • Self-Propelled Gun (Modern) – Armored, mobile artillery with a long range and good damage.
  1. Bio-Sludge (Future) – A shell containing a toxic biological sludge that contaminates an area, damaging units over time.
  • Malaysian Scorpion (Future) – A large, genetically-engineered creature, based on scorpion DNA, with a short-range, area of affect attack.

Dock - A shipyard that produces naval units and can be a destiation for trade vehicles. Most ships can transport units.Edit

  • Covered Boat (Ancient) - Small oared ship with a ranged attack proportional to how many troops are being carried.
  • Tower Ship (Ancient) - Large, multi-decked ship with oars. Fires siege-sized crossbow bolts over medium range.
  • Fishing Boat/Junk/Ship – Small vessels that fish to gather raw materials.
  • Trade Ships - Ship for creating trade routes with other docks. Hire a worker slot to produec a trade ship.
  • Paddle Boat (Medieval) – Small, quick, paddle-powered warship.
  1. Dragon Fire – The Paddle Boat is armed with a fire-spewing deck gun. Short range but good damage.
  • Paddle Ship (Medieval) - Large, expensive ship powered by paddle wheels outfitted with deck-mounted trebuchets. Good ship to shore bombardment.
  • Turtle Boat (Colonial) - Armored, medium-sized ship armed with cannon. Equipped with oars and also sails for faster movement.
  • Iron Clad (Colonial) - Moderately sized and tough ship with powerful artillery aboard.
  • Sub (Modern) - Submarine capable of transporting units. Must surface to fire.
  1. Stealth - when underwater the sub can only be spotted by detector units.
  2. Detector - detects other stealthy units.
  • Flattop (Modern) - Medium-sized aircraft carrier that launches air missions (see Airbase).
  • Cephalopod Sub (Future) - Genetically enginered marine creature that fires stinger torpedoes.
  • Cyborg Battleship (Future) - Hybrid vessel of machine and living tissue. Has protective shell and single long-range gun.
  1. Critter Bomb - Melee vehicle spawned from the bomb launched by Cyborg Battleship.

Airbase (Modern) - Launches air missions. The strength and type of missions available depend on the aircraft you research.Edit

  • Dive bomber (Modern) – Early, prop-driven fighter-bomber.
  • Divine Wind Fighter (Modern) – A basic fighter with jet propulsion, armed with missiles.
  • Cyborg Drone (Future) – A fighter-bomber with a bio-mechanical brain, armed with a powerful gun.
  • Zombie Bomber (Future) – A genetically-engineered flying creature that flies a special type of kamikaze mission which, instead of doing damage, converts enemies near the crash using genetically-engineered microorganisms.
  • Mission Types
  1. Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon mission.
  2. Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission.
  3. Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission escorted by attack aircraft.
  4. Kamikaze Misisoin– Jet Fighter crashes into selecting target, dealing heavy damage to it and nearby units. 
  5. Zombie Bombing Run – the Zombie Bomber crashes into the selected target, doing damage and releasing a cloud of tiny parasites which burrow into nearby organic units and may convert them after a few seconds.

Fortress - Defensie structure that can garrison units and fire on enemies. Attack strength increases with more garrisoned units.Edit

Tower - Defensive structure that can attack enemies. The Far East towers have an anti-air capabilityEdit

Wall - Defensive structure that creates a barrier to ground units. Units can occupy the top of the wall (via constructed access points) and attack.

Market - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.Edit

  • Silk Peddler/Wagon/Truck – an automated trade vehicle that generates wealth. Additional trade vehicles can be purchased to increase revenue. Longer routes are more valuable. 

Warehouse - Accumulates raw material resources from resource sites. Additional workers can be purchased to increase the rate of resource gathering.Edit

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