Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy
Far-Eastern is a civilzations come from Empire Earth III

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The Far East relies heavily on large quantities of cheap, agile infantry units through the first three Eras. This means that in order to dominate you’ll need to play aggressively and strive to turn a numerical advantage into territory control and a strong economy. In the Future, the Far East develops genetic engineering and can field a menagerie of powerful beasts. The Far East region may not be as technologically advanced as the West or as mobile and wily as the Middle East, but they can roll over any opponent with the weight of numbers if well commanded.

Building ConstructionEdit

Most Far Eastern infantry units can construct buildings. Rather than training a special builder unit or manufacturing buildings out of a Ministry (City Center), your multipurpose infantry units are skilled builders as well as combat troops.

Territory ControlEdit

Like the West, the Far East can construct buildings (excluding a Ministry) only in a territory it owns. To own a territory, you must build or capture a Ministry in the territory. You cannot own or build in a territory already owned by another player. Destroy their City Center or Ministry, then build your own to take control.

The Far East can construct walls, towers, and fortresses to help defend territories it controls. Towers also have an anti-air capability.


Most Far Eastern buildings contribute to population, especially military production buildings. If you need to increase your pop cap, simply construct another building.


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