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An Epoch is a time period in history. In both Empire Earth and Empire Earth II there are fifteen epochs. There are twenty epochs in total, as some are shared. Empire Earth III has only five epochs, covering the same time period.

Epochs (Empire Earth)Edit


Empire Earth features 14 epochs. The Art of Conquest adds the Space Age, which results in 15 total epochs in the first installment of the Empire Earth series.

Advancing to the next epoch in an open game requires the construction of two recruitment or technology buildings. Walls, gates, towers, houses or settlements do not fulfill this requirement. Epochs are costly technologies to research but provide significant advances in technology and units. Advancing to the some epochs also changes the appearance of most buildings and some units such as priests, prophets or citizens. Buildings' appearance is not changed every epoch, but rather follows changes over 2 or more epochs.


Advancing through the epochs provide signicant technological advantages. Numerous buildings become only available in more advanced ages. The following list provides information on which new buildings can be constructed in each epoch.

Stone Age

Stone ages enables the construction of the Archery Range and the Dock

Copper Age

In Copper age the player is granted a significant technological boost, as hospital and university are available. It also provides availability of stables, fortresses and wonders. Advancing to copper age also allows the player to secure his food supply by enabling the construction of granaries. 

Bronze Age

In Bronze Age the siege factory become available, which allows the player to construct siege engines

Dark Age, Middle Age, Renaissance, Imperial Age and Industrial Age provide no new buildings

Atomic Age - World War I

This epoch enables the construction of Naval Yards, which are required to construct submarines and in later epochs other specialized naval units such as aircraft carriers and anti sub helicopters. In WWI also launches the age of aviation, as the airport is available for the first time in this epoch.

Atomic Age - World War II and Atomic Age - Modern provide no new buildings

Digital Age enables the construction of Cyber Factory and Cyber Laboratory. 

Nano Age provides no new buildings

Space Age

Epochs Related to each GameEdit

Epoch Empire Earth I Empire Earth II Epoch
500,000 BC Prehistoric N/A 500,000 BC
50,000 BC Stone 50,000 BC
Stone 10,000 BC
5,000 BC Copper Copper 5,000 BC
Bronze 2,500 BC
2,000 BC Bronze
Iron 1,000 BC
450 AD Dark
Dark 450 AD
Middle 800 AD
900 AD Middle
1,400 AD Renaissance Renaissance 1,300 AD
1,500 AD Imperial Imperial 1,500 AD
Enlightenment 1,650 AD
1,800 AD Industrial Industrial 1,800 AD
1,900 AD World War I Modern 1,900 AD
1,940 AD World War II Atomic 1,945 AD
1,980 AD Modern Digital 1,980 AD
2,020 AD Digital
Genetic 2,030 AD
2,100 AD Nano 2,100 AD
2,200 AD Space
Synthetic 2,230 AD
Epoch Empire Earth III
Ancient Yes
Medieval Yes
Colonial Yes
Modern Yes
Future Yes
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