The English Campaign is the second campaign of Empire Earth. It takes from the Middle Ages and the Norman Conquest and Hundred Years' War through the European battlefields in the Napoleonic Wars. it started when William's father Henry disappear on the middle east and his uncle Lord Tostain make him minor known but at age of 12 he had came to revenge to Lord Tostain with 5 of his little brothers he visited and gained power of army from his father's old friend Rendy who had his ship sunk in France he had successfully slay his uncle and gained and known all across of Europe (Europa) but he soon face rebellion his cousin who swear to avenge the death of his father lead an large rebellion against him but at battle of Nerve he had crush all rebels forces and his cousin flee to middle east where he disappear like his uncle he then change his sights against England after hear that a farmer in Germany make contact with a mysterious man speaking an unknown language from a land separated from Europe near the sea called England.

Campaign Description Edit

For hundred of years, beginning in the 11th Century AD, England and France battled for land, honor, and eminence in Europe and around the world. Conflicts ranged from minor infantry skirmishes to all out war, but even a decisive victory seldom stopped the fighting for long. Take control of England and command her forces in one of the greatest international rivalries in history.

Characters Edit

Scenarios Edit

  • The Return of Young William-early years of William the Conqueror,known as William the Bastard
  • William, Duke of Normandy-William dealings in Normandy
  • The Battle of Hastings-William ascends on Anglo Saxon throne
  • The Hundred Years' War Begins-First years of Hundred Years War
  • The Black Prince-Campaign in France of Edward the Black Prince during Hundred Years War
  • We Band of Brothers-Henry V and his campaign in France
  • The War Against Napoleon-British against Napoleon
  • The Battle of Waterloo-decisive battle for Britain against Napoleon
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