Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy

England was one of the original civilizations available for Empire Earth and Empire Earth II. They are the main focus of the English Campaign. Their Atomic Age counterpart was Great Britain.

Game description Edit

What can rightfully be called England began to take shape in the late 5th and 6th Centuries AD when the Germanic Angle and the Saxon tribes invaded and settled the British Isles. A number of petty kingdoms sprouted up, but the cultural and linguistic similarities between them led to the development of a unified English nationality.

Over the next centuries, Celts, Vikings, and other groups assailed parts of England, but the definitive conquest was the Norman invasion of 1066. Launched by Duke William of Normandy (later “the Conqueror”), it set the stage for future conflicts between the English and the French. The English achieved many important victories against the French during the following centuries, but could never hold any territory they gained for long. Near the end of the Hundred Years’War, King Henry V of England defeated the French – largely through his exceptional use of archers. Henry would have become King of France, but he died in 1422 before it could happen, leaving open one of the great “what if” questions in history. His infant son, Henry VI, briefly became king of both countries, but the political unification did not last: Charles VII claimed the French throne and England went on to lose the Hundred Years’War in 1453. The power of England then waxed and waned, reaching peaks under such rulers as Elizabeth I. During her reign, the English navy defeated the Spanish and their Armada, thus making England’s fleet the most powerful in the world. Under another Queen, Victoria, in the 19th Century, English holdings stretched around the world, resulting in the famous saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

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