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The Manual of Style (often abbreviated MoS or MOS) is a style guide for all Empire Earth Wiki articles. It establishes our house style, to help editors produce articles with consistent, clear, and precise language, layout, and formatting. The goal is to make the wiki easier and more intuitive to use. Consistency in style and formatting promotes clarity and cohesion; this is important within an article.

Content Edit

All text should flow smoothly, making the article easy to read and comprehend. Line breaks are necessary not only to separate ideas, but also to give the reader an opportunity to take a break from the stream of words and process the information. Avoid writing both overly long paragraphs which suffocate the reader, or extremely short paragraphs which obstruct the flow by forcing the reader to make constant stops.

Avoid adding any indicative that there is content to be added in an article. Referenced ellipsis (simply adding three periods followed by a citation, indicating that the ellipsis is meant to be replaced by actual content to be referenced by the citation) or "To be added" labels are discouraged. If there is content to be added, simply put "To be added" between comment tags () so that it can only be seen by editors.

It should also be avoided to make assumptions about the reader's knowledge. The main purpose of this site is to provide information to people that don't possess it. Any piece of information should be accompanied by the bare minimum of contextual details to help the understanding of the text.

Quotes may be added to any page. Quote boxes should only be used once at the top of the page.

Language, Tone And Tense Edit

Normal American English is to be used on all our articles, templates, blogs and official projects. If you have issues with grammar (for instance, if English is not your first language), please try to double-check your edits, consult many of the spell checkers available online, or ask for help.

In order to provide visitors a better reading experience, please favor the use of plain English. Write in a way that is clear and easy to understand, avoiding overly complex vocabulary, ambiguity, literary clichés and idioms. It is also mandatory to use a neutral and semi-formal tone.

Most of our articles, especially within the categories of Unit and Building are be written in present tense. Past tense may be allowed in certain instances, such as the history section of character articles.

Style Edit

All headers must have the first letter of each work capitalized.

Capitalization Edit

Specific names should be capitalized, such as the Simple Bowman or Citizen. This does not apply to words such as "epoch" or "unit".

Cataphracts are deadly against Simple Bowmen. (correct)

Cataphracts are deadly against simple bowmen. (incorrect)

You can train these in the first Epoch. (incorrect)

Links Edit

Any internal article should be linked in another page once per page in its first mention within the article. This also extends to links within infoboxes on the page.

When referring to a unit/building in plural form, write

[[Simple Bowman|Simple Bowmen]]. (correct)

[[Javelin]]s. (correct)

[[Hospital]]s. (correct)

[[Javelin|Javelins]]. (incorrect)

Source mode editing markup Edit

Place spaces on either side of the text in a heading e.g. == Heading ==. Place a blank line before a line containing a heading, except when a sub-heading immediately follows a heading, where there should be no blank line between the heading and the sub-heading. Do not place a blank line between a heading and the text or files below it.

Categories Edit

Most of our pages are automatically categorized when the applicable templates are added to them. If you think that a new category is needed, check first if another appropriate category already exists and that the new category is in singular form.

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