Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy
Art of Supremacy cover
Developer(s) Mad Doc Software
Publisher(s) Vivendi Universal
Release date(s) NA February 14, 2006

EU March 10, 2006

Genre(s) RTS


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Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy is the official expansion pack for Empire Earth II. It introduces new features such as new cultural region (African) which includes two new civilizations, the Maasai and the Zulu. Also includes three new campaigns (Egyptian, Russian and Maasai) and new gameplay features such as units becoming Hero and allying with neutral tribes.


The game adds 3 new campaigns which are described below and two new turning points missions. It also has a new region (African) with 2 civilizations (Maasai and Zulu) and 2 new civilizations in existing regions (France and Russia), which are in the Western region. It allows soldiers to become heroes if they get a certain amount of kills. These Heroes can form groups (called armies) with other soldiers and doing so enables all soldiers to become stronger. The expansion pack introduces an option to have native tribes, who are neutral players. You can leave them alone, ally with them, or be at war with them. There is also a new crown power called the supreme leader. Any leader or hero can become this, and it allows them to have stronger leader powers and form stronger armies.


The expansion features three new campaigns, each of which is divided into separate scenarios like the rest of the Empire Earth franchise. The first campaign is in the Egyptian times involving Pharaohs. The second is based in the Russian era of the Napoleonic Wars. The third is a campaign based in the future. It involves Africa and the Maasai tribe fighting for liberation.

  1. Egyptian Campaign
  2. Russian Campaign (Empire Earth II)
  3. Maasai Campaign


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