For the Stone Age for Empire Earth, see here.

The Stone Age is the second age of Empire Earth and first age of Empire Earth II. Choices for units and buildings are few, and the only ways to collect food are hunting and foraging. If the civilization has unique wonders, they can be built in this age. (I need confirmation on this)

Empire Earth II OverviewEdit


  • Citizens - Citizens are the core of your Civilization. They gather resources, construct buildings, and perform repairs.
  • Scout - The scout has good movement and line of sight, making him perfect for exploration duties.
  • Bow man - The Bow Man is equipped with a short-bow capable of hitting enemies at medium distances. RPS bonus against Heavy Artillery and Heavy Infantry.
  • Maceman (Empire Earth II) - The Maceman is equipped with a mace for bludgeoning his opponents at close range. RPS bonus against Light Mounted and Light Artillery.
  • Stone Thrower - The Stone Thrower is an early siege engine capable of throwing large stones in short distances. RPS bonus against Heavy Mounted and Light Infantry.
  • Priest - The priest is a spiritual leader who has the power to convert others to his faith.
  • Fishing gallery - This ship is used to catch fish and return them to your Dock where they are then added to your food supply.
  • Trading gallery - This ship moves trade goods between docks.
  • Gallery - The Gallery is a single-decked vessel propelled by oars.


  • City center - This is the focal point of a city and serves as a resource drop-off point for Citizens
  • House - A building where people live.
  • Warehouse - A building where resources can be dropped off.
  • Temple - A building dedicated to divine worship.
  • University - A building dedicated to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Road - Any units traveling on a road receive a movement bonus.
  • Bridge - A structure used for crossing rivers
  • Barracks - Produces Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry units.
  • Workshop - Produces Light Artillery and Heavy Artillery units.
  • Dock - Produces all naval units.
  • Fortress - A fortified structure that has attack and healing capabilities.
  • Outpost - A defensive structure that can detect spies and attack nearby enemy units.
  • Spiked Trench - A fence-like structure designed to provide defensive protection over an area.
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