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The Empire Earth Art Of Conquest Civilization Powers are only available in the Empire Earth: The Art Of Conquest package. At the beginning of a game (when you set it up) if you want to choose multiple civilization powers, check the custom civilization check box and you will be a custom civilization. If you leave it unchecked, you will be given a list of civilizations (example, United States, Russia, China, etc.) to choose from. Each has one civilization power and other abilities. If choosing a custom civilization, you are given 100 points to choose.

Powers And Abilities[edit | edit source]

Civilization Power Civilization Description Cost
Adaptation (epochs 3-15) Austria For every settlement or TC that is converted, gain one of the civ's powers. 45
Advanced Mining (All epochs) Russia 7 Citizens instead of 6 can mine stone, gold and iron. 25
Bundeswehr (epochs 9-12) Germany Any Citizen can be instantly turned into a Partisan for a price if the player is in any epoch from the industrial age to atomic age: modern. 5
Camouflage (All epochs) France Idle units are cloaked. 25
Cloaking (All epochs) Rebel Forces A new Power at the TC or Capitol, spend mana points to cloak the parts of your town you select. 25
Conquistadors (epochs 7-9) Spain Mounted units have extra LOS. 5
Crusaders (epochs 4-7) Franks Bronze Cavalrymen, Short Swordsmen, Long Swordsmen and Knights can also convert enemies. 15
Cyber Ninja (epoch 15) Japan This cloaked unit can set a "Logic Bomb" on enemy buildings that disables them for a short time, and has a sword for self defence. 15
Emissaries (All epochs) Kingdom of Israel Priests are cloaked. 20
Expansionism (All epochs) Ottoman Empire Instantly build Town Centres instead of having to build a Settlement and populate it with 5 Citizens. 30
Exploration (All epochs) England Town Centers and Capitols have extra LOS. 5
Fanaticism (All epochs) Korea Barracks and Capitol units can become fanatics - they will have more attack but less hit points for the duration, then their attack will return to normal but HP will stay reduced. 15

Flaming Arrows
(epochs 3-7)

Ancient Greece Ordinary arrows of simple bowmen, longbowmen and composite bowmen get the ability to shoot fire arrows. Buildings hit by flaming arrows can catch fire, which can spread to other structures. 25
Insurance (All epochs) Byzantine Rome When a unit is killed, a portion of the resources it cost are returned to you. 20
Just In Time Manufacturing (All epochs) China For extra cost you can build units instantly. 20
Market (epochs 10-15) United States When a Market is built, can buy and sell resources for a transaction fee. 20
Metallurgy (All epochs) Kingdom of Italy Can use gold and iron interchangeably to pay for units. 30
Missile Base (epochs 13-15) Novaya Russia Allows the player to build Missile Bases which can train nukes that can be fired towards any location on the map, even across space. A Missile Base may hold 1 nuke at a time. Nukes can be countered by Anti-Missile Batteries. Both Anti-Missile Batteries and Missile Bases can be built/trained from the digital age onwards. 15
Paratroopers (epochs 11-15) Italy Paratroop Planes can be built which drop troops at the waypoint you set for the plane. 15
Pathfinding (All epochs) Carthage All Citizens and Barracks units can pass through trees and over cliffs. 25
Priest Tower (All epochs) Babylon Allows the player to build Priest Towers, which can convert enemy units in range like the priest and can be built in any epoch. 30
SAS Commando (epochs 10-15) Great Britain Allows the player to create an SAS Commando at the barracks, a ranged infantry unique unit that can set explosives on buildings and move through water. 15
Slavery (All epochs) Assyrian Empire For every few enemy citizens you kill, a new citizen appears at your Capitol, assuming you have a Capitol and are under the pop cap. 10
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