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Dune Patrol
Unit Information
Epoch: Space Age
Trained at: Tank Factory (only in Campaign)
Type: Tank
HP: 400
Attack: 35
Armor: 20 (cannon)
25 (laser)
Speed: 28
Range: N/A
Cost: 50 Gold 100 Iron
Pop count: 1
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: N/A

The Dune Patrol is a unit exclusive to Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, it is a silver spatial buggy and is the fastest unit in the game.

This unit is available during Asian Campaign's scenario 5 and 6. Althrough available to add in the map during the Map Editor mode, it is however impossible to produces in the Tank Factories as the unit is absent from the Tech Tree list in the "Players" icon. They are effective against infantry and their speed are good for scout and dodge dropped bombs by bombers and atomic bombers aircrafts.

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