Unit Information
Epoch: Industrial Age only
Trained at: Stable
Type: Cavalry
Attack type: Gun
HP: 480
Attack: 65
Armor: 25 (Shock)
Speed: 16
Range: 5
LOS: 8
Cost: 70 Food, 65 Gold
Pop count: 2
Build time: 29 seconds
Upgrades from: Carabineer
Upgrades to: N/A

The Dragoon is a Cavalry unit that is upgraded from the Carabineer unit, and is the final cavalry unit alongside the Imperial Cuirassier; it is the last Gunpowder Cavalry unit available in the game.

They are featured in campaigns, especially campaigns that are situated in the Industrial and World War I epochs in history.

The Dragoon is a man on top of a brown horse, wearing his own attire along with a hat, save for clothing draped across both the horse and the man, which in the pictures is the default blue.


Dracoons in battle, with other units.

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