Unit Information
Epoch: Atomic - WW1
Trained at: Town Center / Capitol
Attack type: Gun
HP: 3330
Attack: 43
Armor: None
Speed: 14
Range: 8
Cost: 430 Food, 360 Gold
Pop count: Special
Build time: 160 seconds
Upgrades from: Otto Von Bismarck (430 Food, 360 Gold, 160 seconds)
Upgrades to: Erwin Rommel (430 Food, 360 Gold, 160 seconds)

Givan DeVerran is a Strategist-hero type available in World War I

Biography Edit

A long-time friend of Joseph Gallieni, military Governor of Paris, DeVerran had pursued a successful career as a civil engineer before volunteering for the army in September of 1914. Gallieni himself swore DeVerran in as a Captain in the Paris militia. DeVerran quickly gathered his scattered company as German forces pressed into France. To halt the advancing threat, he helped commandeer every motorised transport in the Paris metropolitan area, then rushed to the river Marne himself in a milk truck. The celebrated "taxicab army" saved Paris and, for his role in its organisation and the subsequent battle, DeVerran received a field promotion.

DeVerran served valiantly throughout the rest of the war. As commandant of one of the besieged forts near Verdun - at one time under incessant artillery fire for four straight weeks - he led a successful counterattack against the German breakthrough for which Marshal Joseph Jacques Joffre personally awarded him the Croix de Guerre. DeVerran was wounded during the battle, but was back in combat leading a regiment of French regulars when the Armistice came in 1918.

After the war DeVerran retired to his native Normandy, but in World War II, at the age of 68, he joined the French Resistance. Though older and less physically active, his mind was still sharp and he organised no fewer than a dozen successful raids against German encampments and supply depots. Givan DeVerran was killed by machine gun fire on the afternoon of June 6, 1944, while personally guiding US troops off Omaha beach.

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